MoviesFlix 2020: Free Download 300MB Hindi Dubbed Movies

MoviesFlix 2020: Free Download 300MB Hindi Dubbed Movies

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movieflix 2020: In this post, im going to share with you how you can download bollywood, Hollywood, and south movies in Hindi dubbed. and also with the fastest server so you can download movies super fast.

Currently, many illegal and legal sites and apps have come up which provide old and new movies, web series, TV shows, documentaries, etc. to the viewers. Movieflix is ?? an illegal site that provides similar services. 

All the latest movies and other artistic creations in HD quality are available on this site. The website has a huge collection of old and new movies which simply surprises its users. Read below to learn more about this site.

About Movieflix 2020

Movieflix 2020 was founded back in 2011. In 9 years, the site has gained immense popularity as an illegal torrent website offering viewers free movie streaming and downloading opportunities in various formats. 

Movieflix has emerged as a place where viewers can get all kinds of movies, old and new, in HD quality. Initially, the site only offered Malayalam films, but now has a humble collection of all types of mobiles, Punjabi, .rathi, Bollywood, Hollywood, etc.

Apart from movies, anyone can download or stream web series, TV shows, documentaries, etc. on this site. 

Before going further, know that this site is illegal and browsing on any such site is considered a crime in India. 

The original site has been banned by the Government of India. But the site keeps changing its domain name and works smoothly. 

Searching Google, "Movieflix or Movieflix 2020 did not provide you with the original site, because Google has removed the site.

Categories if movies are available

Several categories of films are available here. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Dubbed Malayalam films A-Z
  • Tamil hd movie download
  • Malayalam dubbed film collection
  • Malayalam mp3 and video songs

Features of Movieflix:

Apart from downloading Malayalam movies, you can also download the latest Hollywood dub, Bollywood, Telegu, and other South Indian movies. 

Movieflix's film collection will never disappoint you.

The structure and interface of the site will definitely amaze you. It is user friendly. The site can be accessed from mobile, laptop, PC, etc. 

This free movie downloading site offers all old and new movies in 320p, 1080p and 720p formats, allowing users to download and stream in any format they want. 

Due to its quality service, it has emerged as one of the fastest-growing movie downloading sites in India.

The site provides satisfaction to its viewers by offering several categories of video categories. You can choose one of your choices.

You can download your favorite TV show, web series for free so that you can watch it later.

In its last update, the site removed unnecessary bugs, ensuring bug fixes that resulted in less chance of your app crashing.

The site has super-fast servers that help users in various ways.

The user-friendly UI of this site enables users to navigate through the site easily.

The Movieflix app is quite small in size, so it does not occupy enough of your device storage.

Why should you avoid downloading movies from the Movieflix site?

Similar to the advantages, the website also has some drawbacks. First of all, Movieflix is ?? not a legal film streaming site. 

Visiting the Movieflix 2020 website can create a problem for you. The website is destroying Tollywood, Kollywood, and other film industries by leaking all the latest films on their theatrical release or before their official release.

Despite taking action against Movieflix or other piracy websites such as TodayPk, Movierulz, and 123 Movies, these websites continue to operate continuously. 

If you visit the site, you are unknowingly endorsing this illegal trade. According to reports, the film industry has lost more than Rs crore due to the piracy business in India.

 1800 crores every year. Therefore, despite using illegal websites, you have many safe options.

Why should we not use the Movieflix site?

As already stated, Movieflix is ?? notorious for leaking the latest movies on its site in HD resolution for free download. 

Because of this, Indian film industries have to suffer losses every year.

 The box office collection of new films reduces drastically because once the latest movies are available to the audience at no cost, they stop buying tickets to watch movies in theaters. 

As a result, the amount of money spent on shooting a film is unable to be repaid. Everyone knows the hard work and dedication involved in making an entire film.

Now, if this film reaches everyone for free, it is unfair. The entire cast and crew should get what they deserve and as responsible citizens, we should respect that.

Furthermore, every time a person goes through Movieflix, he is not only unwittingly supporting the piracy business and harming the film, but he is also inadvertently sharing his mobile information and data. 

These sites do not ask viewers to log in, but these sites make money from third party advertisements, which are not secure.

The report states that the Indian film industry loses around 2.8 billion every year for such pirated downloads. 

Indian viewers comprise the second largest group using illegal torrent sites for free movie downloads.

Best Movieflix Site Options

Given below are some legal alternatives to Movieflix:


The interface of the site is very good so users can easily navigate through the home page. One can find a wonderful collection of material on this site. 

The site allows its users to download and stream in SD or HD quality. All its services are provided free of charge.


This is another popular website that provides similar services. Apart from providing its users with some amazing videos and content, the website has great visuals. 

More than ten thousand web series, movies, documentaries, short films are available here, old and new. The site attracts millions of traffic every year due to this amazing variety of content.


Vimeo offers films in different languages, which come from different genres. Apart from films, web series and documentaries and TV shows are also available here. 

A feature of this site is that it provides little information about all of its films so that viewers get an idea of ?? what the film is about.


As the name suggests, the site offers all content in HD quality. All services are provided free of charge to its users.

 However, the site often encounters copyright infringement issues. Therefore, always use VPN technology while accessing this site.


The site is also known as MovieCon. It is an online website that allows its users to stream and download content. All services are available for free. 

The content deals with diverse genres of films. Users are not required to create or register an account on this site to access their services. Nor is any type of personal details such as their Aadhar card, debit card, or credit number required.


Movie4u brings the services of an HD TV, allowing users to access content for free. Users are not required to create an account and subscribe. 

The site uploads all the latest content as soon as possible and keeps itself updated. No personal details such as credit card number or debit card details are required.


Snagfilms has gained popularity for uploading independent documentaries and films. It is an online site that contains a rare and unique collection of films that usually cannot be found anywhere else. 

The site provides free services. The categories of materials available here include drama, horror, science fiction, romantic films, etc.

MX Player

MX Player is a media player app available for free for iOS and Android smartphones specified in the video and also capable of playing audio. 

MX Player Aided Freeware for iOS and Android Ads that can play all video files with or without subtitles in various formats and languages.

 It is an excellent tool for playing audio and video files that are downloaded from the web, videos recorded from your phone camera, and played from video streaming websites.

 The MX Player app requires multiple permissions for its optimal performance and is not easily installed in all smartphones.


Yesmovies has been in use since 2016 and has expanded a significant deal of recognition since 2016. is a well-known site for spending new and old movies, documentaries, TV series, and TV shows online for free. You do not need any enrollment to register in Yasmoviz as it is a simple click and play model. 

Users of the Yesmovies app also have an option to download their ideal content to off-odds that users must watch it offline. Yesmovies has a user-friendly interface. 

It allows its user to navigate freely on the website and search to search in the web catalog.


Hotstar was launched in early 2015 and is one of the most downloaded apps in India. It has impacted more than 350 million people on the back of high-concentration video-streaming technology across various platforms and devices and high concentration for the standard of experience. 

Hotstar ranks secure, top in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and is one of the widely renowned apps on both platforms. Hotstar is ruling the charge with its vigorous technology backbone and its content.


It is a website that has a significant collection of films around the world. Not only this, you can also download the website from time to time without any hassle.

 O2 movies

This website is perfect for movie enthusiasts as it has movies from all over the world from which you can choose. It is one of the best websites with enhanced features that you will ever fill and will have the best use of your bandwidth.


This website specializes in TV shows to some extent, but you will also be able to find a large collection of Hindi films here. 

You get the opportunity to watch many live television programs on this website, which is not available anywhere else.


If you want a site that will provide you with free content and still maintain diversity, then this is the site for you. 

This site actually gives you access to such a large range of films that cross the boundaries of language, genre, and the era of a cinematic universe. 

From Bollywood to Hollywood, from Tollywood to South Indian cinema and also as dubbed and subbed versions of cinema, this site has it all. 

However, as the site is an illegal one, it cannot use Google ads and therefore pop advertising may cause some interruptions to your movie viewing experience. But you can always install an ad blocker and continue uninterrupted service.


It is again another piracy site and is known for providing the latest high definition quality movies to its users. 

From Telugu, Tamil and Kannada, Malayalam to the latest Bollywood and Tollywood films, this site have it all. However, to access them all you have to turn on your VPN.

 By doing this you will be able to enjoy and watch all the latest movie releases at your leisure.


Another torrent movie downloading site, Yomovies has time and again proved its place in the market. Of course, it has a wide range of films to choose from.

 However, films differ in genre, language, and video qualities. It is great if you fall in love with someone who enjoys romcom in the family of all those who is fond of adventure.

 You can settle in any corner of the world, log in to the site, download your favorite movies, and watch them in peace.


Khatrimaza is another illegal torrent website that provides you a myriad of free streaming and downloading Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi movies. 

The films cover all genres like science fiction, horror, crime, thriller, romance, comedy, etc. The site also includes dubbed versions of several original films, which allow viewers to stream in their desired formats.

 All the content on this site is categorized, making it easy for viewers to locate their desired content. In addition, the site offers you good downloading speed and audio quality. 

However, one disadvantage of this site is that viewers have to come up with meaningless advertisements while downloading and downloading movies. They need to be patient and close these advertisements.

Moviesflix Legal Options: Premium App / Website to Download Hollywood Movies
Well, our first advice is that you watch movies in theaters. 

However, this is not always possible. Therefore, there is always an option to officially watch movies, shows, and web series on OTT and streaming apps.

 In this digitization era, new films are released on these applications (OTT platforms) within a few weeks of their theatrical release. We recommend these platforms because they are safe and legal. To stay away from illegal sites, you can opt for these apps:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon prime video
  • Hulu
  • Popcornflix
  • Snagfilms
  • Tubi
  • Vudu
  • IMDb TV
  • Kanopy
  • Snagfilms
  • Sony crackle
  • Hotstar

questions to ask

1. Which movie categories are available on the Moveflix site?

Movies like Malayalam HD, Tamil HD, Hollywood dub, MP3 songs and videos, old Bollywood dubbed movies, etc. are available on this site.

2. Is the Movieflix site safe for use?

No, the site is illegal and not safe to use at all. This can not only get someone in trouble, but it also steals the data and information of the device.

3. Why has the Movieflix site gained so much popularity?

The site is mostly famous because it offers all the latest movies and other content in HD, for free, on the first day of their release. In addition, the site has a large collection of films.

4. How does the Movieflix site work?

The site shortens trending movies and videos on the Internet. Later, it uploads the best ones.

5. Is the Movieflix site a legal one?

It has already been mentioned that the site is not a legal website. It inserts pirated material.

6. What are the legal alternatives to Movieflix?

The best legal options for Movieflix are Hulu, IceMovie, Prime Video, PopCornFlix, and Netflix. Apart from these sites, there are various other legitimate sites that are available for streaming videos and movies before you select any illegal sites like Movieflix. You can also download from these sites and watch a movie offline.

7. What is Movieflix?

The Movieflix website works like Torrent. All types of web series like Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi dubbed movies, and free web series are all available free at Moveflix. Most users prefer Movieflix because they get the download link to the movies very quickly when they search for it.

8. Is there any app for Movieflix to watch movies?

The app Movieflix was created with the help of Apple Pie, the world's rank one app builder, to create iPhone and Android apps. This category is an app for entertainment.

9. Is Movieflix free to watch movies and videos?

Yes, Movieflix is ?? free. You can stream movies in this app in full HD. You do not need any monthly fees, in-app purchases, and credit cards. You can watch videos on any device and anytime, with Movieflix. You will never run out of free movies and entertainment. You can stream movies online and also download it without any subscription fee.


In this article, we have no intention of promoting Movieflix or any other torrent website. Using these sites is illegal and potentially dangerous. That's why we like you to download movies online and accept legal means to stay safe.

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