Sketch Full Movie Download (Hindi Dubbed) South Movie

Sketch Full Movie Download

Cast: Vikram, Tamannaah, Soori, Baburaj, R. K. Suresh, Sriman 

Director: Vijay Chandar

Producer: Moving Frame  

Writer: Vijay Chandar 

Musician: S. Thaman  

Cinematographer: M. Sukumar 

Editor: Ruben

Story: The movie starts with Jeeva (Sketch) narrating her story. His uncle used to return cars that were not paid for the monthly EMI. However, during the fight, he loses his hand and Sketch gets the job. Sketch does his day-to-day job well. His uncle Ravi's right hand wanted to take over the business. However, Bhaskar Settu (Boss) agrees with Sketch coming to this position. One day at college, Sketch ties up a scooter owned by Manju, Ammu's friend. One day, he meets her on a bus. When the other boy tried to touch him, the Sketch bats removed his hand. Just then, the bus stops abruptly, causing Sketch to drop off from Ammu.

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